Certification FAQ

Is the certification I received through Alliance of Information and Referral (AIRS) still valid?

  • Absolutely! Your certification is still valid, and your expiration date remains the same.

  • Only the name has changed, meaning you are now Inform USA certified rather than AIRS certified.

How do I get an updated certification badge or certificate with the new branding?

  • An updated digital badge and certificate are accessible in your Credly account.  Click here for a quick overview with screenshots. 

How do I apply for a new certification?

  • Apply here for online testing with flexible scheduling.

  • Submit applications for in-person exams here.

Where are the recommended study materials?

What is required to verify my eligibility?

  • A transcript or copy of a diploma are both acceptable to verify your academic eligibility and can be submitted here.

Can a supervisor or manager submit an exam application on behalf of a staff member or colleague? 

  • Yes! Simply enter their name and email address in the “Registering staff members” field on the application form. The exam candidate will need to verify their eligibility by submitting the form at https://www.informusa.org/exam-eligibilty 

Are there any changes to the recertification requirements?

  • The recertification requirements remain the same: Completing a total of 10 training hours over your two-year certification cycle.

How do I apply for recertification?

  • Simply submit your training hours and payment here

How do I submit an application on behalf of a staff member or colleague? 

Can I submit multiple applications with one transaction?  
  • Yes!  Once you have added one to your cart, simply click the "add another" button to continue.

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What is Inform USA Certification based on?

  • The Inform USA Certification Program is based on established standards for the field of information and referral in addition to a psychometrically-based Job Task Analysis. The program identifies specific competencies and related performance criteria, which describe the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and work-related behaviors information and referral practitioners need to execute their duties successfully.

What is the format of the exams?

  • Each exam comprises 100 four-part multiple-choice questions. Candidates have two hours and 10 minutes to complete the exam.

Where can I take the examination?

Are there provisions if English is not my first language?

  • The exam is only available in English at this time. However, the proctor makes an English language dictionary available during in-person examinations if a candidate wishes to check the meaning of a specific word.

What if I require accommodations?

  • Inform USA complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and other applicable legislation by offering candidates with documented disabilities the opportunity to request necessary aids and services that do not fundamentally alter the assessment process. Please contact the Inform USA office to request assistance. Applications for accommodations must be submitted at least 45 days prior to your scheduled examination date. For persons with visual disabilities, the online test works with nearly all JAWS-type screen readers, although we will arrange a confirmation before the actual test.

Will I learn my examination mark?

  • We do not share individual marks. This is a normal practice in certification programs. These examinations are Pass or Fail. If you do not pass, you will receive a coaching report of how you performed in each area of the exam.