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Community Resource Specialist (CRS) This is designed for practitioners who work directly with clients whether on the phone or in person and provide mediated information and referral. 

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Community Resource Specialist - Aging/Disabilities (CRS- A/D) This is designed for practitioners who work directly with clients and caregivers within the aging and/or disabilities area and perform the same basic range of skills and tasks as a comprehensive information and referral specialist. 

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Community Resource Specialist - Database Curator (CRS - DC) This is designed for practitioners who maintain databases of resources for the communities they serve. 

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Eligibility is based on Information and Referral and equivalent experience combined with educational background. I&R practitioners are eligible for certification for the jobs they actually perform and/or directly supervise (i.e. you can only take the examination if you are currently engaged in either CRS, CRS - A/D or CRS - DC work).

To take the exam, you require:

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If you are Canadian, there is a separate Canadian cost structure and application process detailed within the package provided by InformCanada.

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