Certification Study Suggestions

Posted By: Sarah Pottelberg Certification,

Examinations are based on the following materials together with actual I&R experience.  An experienced Information and Referral professional should be able to perform well without additional studying; however, coverage of this material, together with professional experience is an effective way to prepare for certification examinations. 

  • Inform USA Standards and Quality Indicators for Professional Information & Referral — The Inform USA Standards address all aspects of an I&R operation including service delivery, resource database, reports and measures, cooperative relationships, disaster/emergency preparedness and organizational effectiveness.

  • The I&R Training Manual: 

    Candidates may read the sections/volumes that pertain directly to their job: 

    • CRS and CRS - A/D: Service Delivery sections, especially the first 6 sections of Volume 2. CRS - A/D candidates should also review the two sections on Serving Older Adults and Serving People with Disabilities. 

    • CRS - DC: Resource Database sections/volume

  • Online Training: 

    All of the courses available on the Online Training portal are useful study material. There are also Certification prep packages and practice exams available.

  • Inform USA Ethical Principals
  • CRS Practice Test is available as a module of our online training. Some of the questions are drawn from the AIRS I&R Training Manual while others have been pulled from old exams. Although there are only 50 as opposed to 100 questions, the format and the weighting of subject areas is the same as in the full exams.

  • CRS Job Task Analysis