This Inform USA credential represents a special recognition for experienced I&R practitioners who complete the required curriculum and carries its own digital badge.  Micro-certifications are only available to holders of a core Inform USA Certification.

Designation in I&R Coaching: 

The Coaching Micro-Certification is for those persons who want to increase their coaching skills or is interested in learning more about what it takes to be an effective I&R coach. The micro-certification is held several times throughout the year. Each cohort has 8 - 12 members, each holding a core Inform USA certification, and wishing to advance their knowledge about coaching. The cohort meets five time to discuss key issues; attendance at four of those five sessions is required for completion.

Micro-Certification Investment: $600

Application Deadline: 7/25/2024 for August/September or when cohort is full.

2024 Calendar of Sessions: Cohorts are held throughout the year. Click the Cohort Session Dates link for a calendar of when each session is scheduled to start.

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