The National 211 Steering Committee

What Does the Steering Committee do?

The 211 Steering Committee is a select group of leaders that liaise between the two national leadership organizations (Inform USA and United Way Worldwide) and the field, lifting the needs and values of the 2-1-1 network (regardless of affiliation). The committee collaborates with stakeholders, promotes mutual support, and ensures strategic alignment, continuous system improvement, and the advancement of its mission to ensure that 211 is excellent everywhere and always.

The 211 Steering Committee has produced several webinars designed for information and referral professionals working with a 211 agency. 

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Richard Shutes | Jewish Community Service of FL (211 Miami) | Co-Chair

Sue Brogan | Alaska 2-1-1 | Co-Chair

Sarah Kile | Michigan 211 | Secretary

Molly Black | United Way Cleveland

Sue Brogan | United Way of Anchorage

Kelly Brown | Interface Children and Family Services (211 Ventura)

Annette Buckley | United Way of CT 211

Sandra Carpio | United Way of Salt Lake (211 Utah)

Russ Jensen | City of Knoxville (211/311 Knoxville)

Kimberly Jordan-Fluker | City of Memphis

Tara Morse | Indiana 211            

Paul Redfern | 211 San Diego

Chris Roy | 232-HELP, Inc

Betsy Schuster | 211 Helpline Center

Advisory members:

Katie Appold | Inform USA

Juanita McDaniel | United Way Worldwide

Joshua Pedersen | United Way Worldwide

Judy Shum | Canada 211