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Accreditation Application (paid in 2 installments)

Accreditation Application (paid in 2 installments)

Inform USA Accreditation is a five phase process that measures information and referral organizations against industry standards. 

Non-Member Price: $4,600
Member Price: $3,100

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Is your organization applying for a first time accreditation, or a re-accreditation?
If you are a government entity, you can skip this question.
Please indicate which area your organization focuses on MOST. If you do multiple types of I&R, please indicate that in the next question.
Note: Only applicable if different than the date the organization was incorporated.
Gold or Silver applicants must indicate their annual budget.
Note: Please use the following website(s) to obtain this data - United States ( and Canada (
Please select all that apply.
Please select all that apply.
Must include at least one point of contact. It is highly recommended to have a secondary.
How would you like the invoice to be set up? *For Inform USA members, we offer the ability to split the cost of Accreditation into two payments of $3,100 each; one installment must be paid prior to starting the process.
I agree, on behalf of my organization, that I have read and agree to the Accreditation Agreement and have informed my Board President (or equivalent) about this application.