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I&R Training Bundle Volumes 1 - 3

I&R Training Bundle Volumes 1 - 3

BEST VALUE | All Three Volumes + Question and Answer Booklets

The Inform USA I&R Training Manual is a foundation for the art and practice of Information and Referral. It is primarily designed for new staff and as an integral part of Community Resource Specialists' initial orientation and/or training programs – including those who provide assessment, navigation, and referral services to clients, and those who curate resource databases.

It is also intended as a reference tool, refresher and discussion launcher for more experienced staff. This is especially relevant for I&R practitioners who are preparing to obtain their Inform USA Certification as either a Community Resource Specialist (CRS), a Community Resource Specialist – Aging/Disabilities (CRS-A/D) or a Community Resource Specialist – Database Curator (CRS-DC), and who want to re-acquaint themselves with some aspects of the language/structure of I&R that they might encounter in an Inform USA Certification examination.

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