Member Comment Phase - Standards 10.0

First published in 1973, the Inform USA Standards underpin and bind together every aspect of information and referral and define the direction of all the products and services provided by Inform USA. The Standards are the foundation of service delivery and the prime quality benchmark for community navigation. 

The document is updated every three years to reflect the industry's emerging trends. The Standards are broken out into five sections, and within each Standard are Quality Indicators.

With each new edition of the Standards, Inform USA members have the opportunity to see the document before its final/public release and ask any questions that could help further clarify the content. 

Between now and June 30th, the Standards will be in what we refer to as the "Member Comment Phase."

After reviewing the new version Inform USA Standards - Version 10.0, we invite you to submit any questions/comments via this Member Comment Form, which lists each Standard and provides space to respond underneath.  Here is a brief summary of High Level Changes.

The Standards Committee worked diligently to create an updated version of the Standards that would simultaneously retain the heart of our work and move forward with changes to the industry. We look forward to hearing from you and to spurring the industry toward standards-driven excellence.